Matthew Donaldson

On set with Matthew Donaldson as Tread

by ACureForDead on March 12, 2011

Tread played by Matthew Donaldson
Tread is an intrepid character with the attitude of pulling yourself up by the bootstraps.  He shoots first and asks questions later, sometime leaving a mess behind.  He has a love hate relationship with his girl Emma, what can you do when the rest of the girls in your circle are undead.

Behind the scenes with Matthew Donaldson.

Some cool stuff about Matthew in his own words:

  • I have a single three inch scar on my abdomen and several stories as to how it got there.
  • My first gig as an entertainer was when I was 3-4 years old. I would sing songs with my older sister, Sandi, on our Grandfather’s weekly television broadcast. Nearly 30 years later the passion to entertain people and tell worthwhile stories governs much of who I am and what I do.
  • I love Indian food! It’s INCREDIBLE!!! I have little restraint when sitting at a table full of hot, fresh naan (regular and garlic), rice, and all the various masala and curried dishes … sipping chai … OH! and the red and green sauces!!! I go a little overboard … and it hurts.
  • “A Cure For Dead” is the first zombie project I have ever worked on, and I’m stoked about the team we have and the work we’re doing together! There are some really talented artists who have come together to make this material come to life … or death … and hopefully we’ll blow your brains all over the room!

Dracula, Jonathan Harker
Thru, Dullis Overby
Mitsein, Art Gallery Assistant
Don’t Look Down, Roger
Anxiety, Shane Whitcomb
Ladybugs, Norman
Blind Love, Assassin
Michael and Claire: A Portrait of Love and Dreams, Michael

Street School Artist Collevtive
American River College
Cast Images Talent Agency

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Karen Donaldson March 27, 2011 at 10:13 am

I know the real story about the scar….


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